Connected Health Ecosystem

4G LTE Medical Devices

Cellular connectivity allows our devices to work out-of-the-box without setup, pairing or configuration.

Support and Fulfillment

Our full service option includes direct shipping to your patient and providing initial training and support.

Robust Developer API

Our comprehensive programming interface makes it easy to manage fulfillment and sends device readings to your EMR or other program in real-time.

Secure and Comprehensive Remote Monitoring Devices

For Medical Practices

Pylo device integrate seamlessly into the medical practice workflow allowing healthcare professionals to improve patient health outcomes and increase practice revenue while letting Pylo handle patient training and technical support.

For Health Systems

Health systems have the longest history of research studies showing strong benefits for remote monitoring. Pylo improves on the remote monitoring programs of the past to empower health systems to reduce readmission risk, improve disease management and streamline care coordination without building a large training and logistics program.

For Insurers and Employers

Telehealth technology is allowing insurance companies (including self-funded plans) to play an important role in the clinical management of their beneficiaries. Pylo allows insurers to own their own message with customized branded patient device kits while letting Pylo handle the manufacturing, kitting, fulfillment and connectivity.

For Patients and Caregivers

Patients are increasingly expecting more telehealth options for convenience, continuity of care and safety. Pylo increases patient engagement and care plan compliance while helping protect and monitor their health and wellbeing.

Secure & Compliant

Our devices and API were not designed for consumers and then shoehorned into a medical setting. The Pylo team comes from a healthcare background and our ecosystem was built from the ground up to exceed health security standards and regulations.

Accurate & Relaible

The Pylo ecosystem partners with the best device manufacturers and cloud computing services in the healthcare industry so that our customers can rest assured that all patient measurements and other data is accurate, authenticated and actionable.

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